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Tire Recycling in the Middle East

In July/ August 2006 a new tire recycling plant has been installed in the free zone Jordan.

ARTM Factory yard picture taken back in 2006The tire recycling plant can process Truck- and Car tires to rubber granulate, capacity approx. 3 metric ton input per hour. This corresponds to approx. 500 Car tires per hour or 1 million car tires per year.

The owner of the plant, Advanced Technical Recycling Materials CO. ltd. (ATRM) expects to run the plant in 2 – 3 shifts beginning of next year meaning an expected production capacity of up to 3 million car tires per year.

The ATRM tire recycling plant produces high quality rubber granulate and powder for various products like Rubber Mats, Molded products, Sound- and Vibration insulation, Underlay for the carpet industries and rubber components for the car industries. The rubber granulate can also be used for the Asphalt industries. This is used with success in the USA where approx. 90% of the roads in the states of California and Phoenix are built with rubber granulate mixed in the asphalt. The great benefit of this is the mainly the noise reduction and the savings in maintenance, compared to normal asphalt roads.

The ATRM tire recycling plant is supplied from the Danish company ELDAN RECYCLING A/S who is the world leading supplier of turn key tire recycling plants. ELDAN has supplied tire recycling all over the world, in Europe, Japan and China, Australia, North America and now the Middle East countries.

ELDAN has more than 50 years of experience in supplying recycling turn key plants and single machines for recycling of Tires, Electronic Waste, Aluminum Waste, House hold Waste and Cables.     



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